Preparing to Shoot

Trevor has nightmare flashbacks of war. He’s taken in by a young couple who want his protection from neighbors starved to desperation.

He becomes part of the family.

It’s going great, till somebody gets killed.

FORGOTTEN HERO films March 18-29 in Sweet Home, Oregon.

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Writer/Director Paul Bright

Executive Producers Stephen J. Voss, Paul Fleck, Charles Barnett

Co-Producers Terry Looney, Colin Trail, Peter McDivit

Associate Producer Michael Felts

Casting Director Kate Young

Tremendous Thanks and Appreciation to Craig Sharp, Addie Alexander, Jack Overland

Special Thanks to Herbert Maton, Hilde Orens, Howard Stump, Jim Plote, Jimmy Jones, John Galbo, Michael Prevett, Nicole Elmer, Stephanie Madrid

Cast Mathew Bostrom, Heather Liddycoat, Patrick D. Green, Stuart Bennett, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Mike Hawkins, Peter Young, Patty Gray, Kim Fairbairn

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