Day Four: Doggone, Today Was Ruff

Oreo, the adorable black and white doggie joined our cast today and was a real trooper, jumping in the car, jumping out of the car, looking pitiful, looking adorable. 

We filmed nearly all the scenes that Oreo is in today.  

Unfortunately our picture truck had a vapor lock issue this morning, which slowed us down about an hour.  And then this afternoon when we were ready to shoot a forest scene with Oreo the clouds cleared and the land was streaming with sunlight.  So that particular scene is going to be filmed next week without Oreo.  I’ll either add barking in the soundtrack and make you believe you saw Oreo in the scene, or I’ll cut the dog from the scene altogether. 

We also had an adorable baby on set for one crucial scene in the film.  The little tyke giggled and cried on cue.  Mat Bostrom was an excellent baby wrangler. He’s good daddy material. 

Despite more hail today, freezing temperatures, wind, rain, and car problems we covered all the scenes except one. 

Tomorrow is a lighter day, and we’re primarily filming the Sheriff scenes. 

Tonight is quiet at the farm, I’ve been promised a back rub, and then I’m checking out till the morning. 

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