Day Five: Arresting Development

Patty Gray showed up on set today to play the role of Sheriff Richards who hassles our main character in the beginning and at the end of the film reveals shocking details that completely twist the story line. 

Once again it hailed as we were filming, twice. 

We managed to get all our shots, though, and even re-shot one thing from earlier in the week. 

After tromping around the soggy woods this morning we filmed inside the local newspaper office (using it as the Sheriff Department) and then moved to the City Hall (using it as the local hospital). 

To the surprise of the cast when we walked into the newspaper office the receptionist shouted “You must be the movie stars! I read about you in the paper yesterday.”  (There was another article on the film in the local paper.) She then asked what movies they had been in before and asked for all their autographs on the article.  The actors each took a paper and read it as we drove to the next location.  They may not be famous in Hollywood, but their famous in Sweet Home!

Tomorrow Patrick and I film insert shots, scenery, and my on-camera stuff.  We’re heading into the snowy mountains for some of it. 

We resume filming with the principal cast members on Monday. 


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