Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes on making FORGOTTEN HERO.

Streaming on Amazon Prime

FORGOTTEN HERO is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Reviewers love FORGOTTEN HERO.

“A tightly-woven thriller full of unexpected twists.” – Louis Flint Ceci

“You MUST see this movie…. It is a great film.” – Buster Burns

“This film packs a punch and shows the journey home is not always an easy one… ” – Daniel Selby

“Highly recommend!” – Doug Taron



Who Stole Our Food?

HERO in Eugene

Paul Bright Films

This morning’s mail will carry the official submission form of FORGOTTEN HERO to premiere at the Eugene International Film Festival in November.FORGOTTEN HERO poster10

Most of you know I don’t usually put films in festivals; I’d rather get movies to you.  However, the cast deserves an exciting world premiere.  November is later than I had originally planned to release FORGOTTEN HERO, but premiering at the festival would be great publicity for the movie. 

There’s one catch:  At the moment the film isn’t ready to be previewed. The official festival deadline is today. I wasn’t making this movie for the festival or to comply with their submission deadlines. The decision to enter the film was made yesterday. Since I’m mailing them the submission fee today but not a movie screener, I’m asking for your help in convincing the programmers to extend the deadline for us. 

Can you send the festival director a short…

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Recording the Theme Song

Written and performed by Shy-Shy & Gary in Corvallis, Oregon, this intimate recording session took place Monday night.

Shy Nolde, vocals

Gary L. Nolde, vocals and guitar

Steve Oder, bass

Adam Scramstad, electric guitar

What do you think of the theme song for FORGOTTEN HERO?

Fermenting in Post Production

Just like wine, I like my movies to age a bit before editing them. 

It’s been six weeks since we wrapped.  The digital files are settling in comfortably in their hard drives. All the juices are starting to flow. 

Editing begins now. 

Mountains of Gratitude

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Photos of FORGOTTEN HERO Cast and Crew by Joe Patton

There are innumerable obstacles during production that can potentially slow down, change or kill a film. Each time we start a new shoot I’m on edge until it’s finished.

We were extremely fortunate and very blessed this shoot came together as smoothly as it did, and much of the credit belongs to the amazing people who made this film possible.

For each of you who contributed to this movie I am extremely appreciative and very grateful.

To the people who donated the funding:

Stephen J. Voss, Charles Barnett, Terry Looney, Colin Trail, Michael Felts, Jack Overland, Patricia Geraghty, Addie Alexander, Craig Sharp, Stephanie Madrid, Jimmy Jones, Nicole Elmer, Michael Prevett, John Galbo, Jim Plote, Howard Stump, Hilde Orens, Herbert Maton, Cynthia Schiebel, James Lott and Peter McDivit.

To the people who opened their doors:

Rita Houston, Craig Fentiman, and the people of Sweet Home, Oregon.

To the Cast:

Mat Bostrom, Heather Liddycoat, Patrick D. Green, Stuart Bennett, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Mike Hawkins, Peter Young, Patty Gray, Kim Fairbairn, Derek Vaupel and Stephanie Vaupel.

To the Crew:

Patrick Henderson

And to my partner, Joe Patton, who held it together when the house was full of people with unique needs.

Thank you.


Day Ten: We’re Wrapped – I’m Wiped

We finished filming today by shooting the final showdown scene of the movie. Everyone drove home around 3pm. And those of us left at the cabin started the long weekend of cleaning up.

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The digital files are all downloaded into the external hard drive, and backed up on a second hard drive. The costumes are piled by the washing machine, the props are massed in the corner, the baby chicks are pecking at the sides of their temporary rubbermaid home. The cats are cautiously venturing out from under the beds and exploring the multitude of aromas left behind by the departing film cast.

This movie production is done.

Tomorrow: A trip to show Patrick the beautiful Oregon coast before his flight leaves for Austin on Sunday.

The rest of the week: Sleeping and sorting through the footage.

Day Nine: Plowing Through

We got the coverage we needed yesterday.  We wrapped around 4pm.  I hope everyone got a good night’s sleep, cause today (our last day) is gonna require a lot of focus.

Pushing forward.


Day Eight: Sleepy

Something about filming bedroom scenes all day meant everyone was totally exhausted.  

Or maybe it’s just because we’re totally exhausted.  

By mid-afternoon most of us were having trouble remembering what we were in the middle of doing. 

We did get all the scenes shot. They look great, they sound great, they’ll be great. 

We were working in a very, very small room of the cabin. The tight quarters combined with the hot lights made it a challenging day.  Even so we finished in less than seven hours.

Tomorrow we work in the main room of the cabin, beginning at 8am.  We have a lot of pages to shoot tomorrow – it’s gonna require a day of plowing ahead no matter what.